{One Mom’s Opinion} No One Is Hating On Your Pumpkin Spice

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Listen, I’m one of many moms, who in the past several years have been silent about the pumpkin spiced craze. I’ve sat behind my computer looking at memes, pictures, and posts about how wonderful PUMPKIN SPICE IS. I’m not one to make an assumption, so I tried it. It isn’t for me. Not even pumpkin spiced candles. NOPE. And I will say this, “you do you, baby.”

However, don’t come at me with “stop hating” on pumpkin spice. You all were the ones forcing it down our throats with your hour after hour of pumpkin spiced posts. Tell me you didn’t post a, ‘my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season’ pic. Also, google pumpkin spice and take a look at the plethora of pumpkin spice items you can by. In my opinion, last year you were cool if you had a pumpkin spiced latte in your hand. Or perhaps you were wearing an, “keep calm and pumpkin spice everything” shirt. However, you were “basic” if you didn’t like it. My, how the tables have turned.

Our anti-pumpkin spice push is in reaction to your pumpkin spice propaganda. And we are saying enough is enough. Seriously there are pumpkin spice Frosted Flakes, y’all.. can we please stop with all things pumpkin spice. 

I will also say this, we all do things that aren’t good for our bodies or our budgets. Drinking pumpkin spiced lattes are no exception. However, just because we are saying ‘no’ to the pumpkin spice way of life doesn’t mean we are hating on you. We are just the yin to your yang, the reaction to your action. We are keeping the balance in the universe.

Members of the anti-pumpkin spice: UNITE!



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