Random Acts of Kindness For New Orleans Kids To Do During Lent

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In our house we are very big on being generous, giving and kind. This year for Lent I am challenging my children to do one simple random act of kindness each day so I made this list of things they can do and all kids can do. These 40 acts of kindness are easy for New Orleans kids to do but they may need some adult help and supervision.  As Cinderella says “where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic”. Help us spread the magic by doing your own random acts of kindness during Lent.

  1. Collect Mardi Gras Beads and donate them. There are a lot of great organizations accepting beads such as Save -An-Angel and ARC of Greater New Orleans
  2. Bring in the neighbor’s trash can and recycling bin
  3. Bring a healthy snack to  your local fire house.
  4. Make a new friend.
  5. Clean out your clothes, toys, and books and donate them
  6. Help mom and dad around the house without being asked.
  7. Draw or color a picture for a senior neighbor.
  8. Hold the door open for someone at the store.
  9. Put together a care package for a deployed soldier via Blue Star Moms —  and GEAUX SEVEN CHAPTER
  10. Buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies and donate them. Not only are you helping a girl reach her goal but most troops send donation boxes to either Blue Star Moms, Second Harvest Food Bank or another charity of their choice such as a local women’s or children’s shelter.
  11. Tell someone you love them
  12. Feed the Birds
  13. Bring your teacher or coach a treat to say thank you.
  14. Pick up trash at the park.
  15. Clean the storm drains in your neighborhood.
  16. Offer your mail and garbage men a bottle of water.
  17. Read to a younger child.
  18. Bring old blankets and other pet supplies to the animal shelter.
  19. Give someone a hug.
  20. Do a chore for your brother or sister.
  21. Leave a dollar in the vending machine for someone else to get a treat.
  22. Collect food for the food bank.
  23. Return someone’s shopping cart for them.
  24. Thank a police officer for helping to keep us safe during Mardi Gras and everyday.
  25. Wash mom or dad’s car.
  26. Make cards and deliver them to a nursing home or children’s hospital.
  27. Say please and thank you!
  28. Tell someone to have a great day.
  29. Weed the neighbor’s garden.
  30. Help cook dinner.
  31. Write happy messages on the sidewalk with chalk.
  32. Donate books you no longer want or need.
  33. Make blessing bags for the homeless.
  34. Bring a friend, neighbor or relative flowers or a treat, just because!
  35. Donate school supplies to your favorite teacher or your classroom.
  36. Give a friend a compliment.
  37. Visit someone who is lonely.
  38. Make kindness rocks.
  39. Offer to walk the neighbor’s dog.
  40. Create a community service project. 
  41. SMILE at everyone you see!

What are you giving up/doing for Lent?

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