2019 Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

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With Mardi Gras Day on March 5th this year, we’ve got a long season. Hopefully it won’t be cold or sleeting this year like it was back in 2014 when Mardi Gras was on the 4th.  Whatever the weather, we know you’ll be out there parading so we put together the Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras Parade Schedule for those of you that prefer Metairie and Jefferson Parish parades over New Orleans Mardi Gras parades sponsored by Pure Barre New Orleans & Metairie Road.

Remember Jefferson Parish Routes are likely to change in the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras. We will update routes as we get that information so please check back.

Krewe of Driftwood

This neighborhood parade in Kenner is one of our favorites. It rolls through the Driftwood Neighborhood on Saturday, February 16th at 1pm. 

Krewe of Little Rascals

Metairie’s all children’s krewe rolls down the traditional Veterans parade route, except they do not turn on Severn or Bonnabel, on Sunday, February 17th at NOON. 

Krewe of Excalibur

This is Excalibur’s 18th year parading in Metairie. This year the parade will be rolling down the new Westbound Parade Route which will start on Bonnabel and end at Clearview Mall for Family Gras on Friday, February 22nd at 7pm. 

The Mystic Knights of Adonis

This is one of the few parades on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish. The Mystic Krewe of Adonis will roll on Saturday, February 23rd at 11:45 am. Mystic Knights of Adonis Parade Route

Krewe of Caesar

The largest krewe in Metairie will roll down the traditional Veterans route at 6pm on Saturday, February 23rd. 

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Krewe of Kings

This is Metairie’s newest parade and will roll down the new Westbound Route starting at Bonnabel and ending at Family Gras at Clearview Mall on Sunday, February 24th at 5:30pm. Route TBD

Krewe of Centurions

This year’s theme will be “Festivals of Louisiana” as the parade rolls down new Westbound Route starting at Bonnabel and ending at at Clearview Mall on Friday, March 1st at 7pm. 

Krewe of Rosethorn

Head on down to the town of Jean Laffite for their kind Mardi Gras parade on Jean Lafitte Blvd on Saturday, March 2nd at NOON. 

Krewe of Isis

The first of the three all female krewes will roll down the traditional Veterans route on Saturday, March 2nd at 6:30pm in Metairie. Route TBD.

Grand Isle Mardi Gras Parade

The town of Grand Isle celebrates Mardi Gras on Sunday, March 3rd at 1pm. 

Krewe of Athena

This all female krewe will roll down new Westbound Route starting at Bonnabel and ending at at Clearview Mall in Metairie on Sunday, March 3rd at 5:30pm in Metairie. Route TBD.

Krewe of Pandora

This is the third year for this all female krewe to parade in Metairie with their signature decorated box throws. Pandora will roll behind Athena down new Westbound Route starting at Bonnabel and ending at at Clearview Mall on Sunday, March 3rd at 6:30 pm. Route TBD.

Mardi Gras Day In Jefferson Parish

Mardi Gras day is Tuesday, March 5th and it begins in Jefferson Parish at 10am with the Krewe of Argus on the traditional Metairie route. Argus will be followed by two truck parades, the Krewe of Elks and the Krewe of Jefferson. 

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Happy Parading!

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