Destin Family Vacation on a Budget

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A few years ago we set out from New Orleans to find the perfect family vacation for under $1000. Could we do it and visit the Northwest Florida Coast and have fun?

kids playing on Destin Beach

This post contains affiliate links. Pint-Sized Cities makes a small commission when you make a purchase from these links. 

Of course we could. It took a bit of work but we ended up with a week on the beach in Destin having a fabulous time. Here’s how we did our Destin family vacation on a budget.

Go In The Off Season

One of the advantages we have as homeschoolers is that we can pick the time of year we travel. This helps us save money. If possible try and go to Destin during the off season. Prices tend to drop after Labor Day when all the kids are back in school and go back up again around spring break time.

Don’t Stay On The Beach

We all have dreams of staying on the beach and falling asleep to the sounds of the waves, sitting on the balcony with our coffee in the morning.  However, condos on the beach are pricey and can take a big hunk of your vacation budget.

Instead opt of a condo that is a short walking or driving distance from the beach. They are just as nice and are cheaper in price.

Research Condos and Hotels in Destin

I spent a good day or so researching our options for condos and hotels vs just picking the first one I saw. Doing this allowed me to price out condos and find the one that gave us the best value.

We eventually settled on a big property management company vs a small one that had extra perks such as discount codes and free DVD rentals. YAY for saving more money.

Prepare Your Own Food

Going out to eat on vacation costs a ton of money.

I know just breakfast at Waffle House for my family is $60, multiply that times three and you’re looking at $180 a day just in food.

One of the ways to save money on food while traveling is to prepare your own meals. You can do this by getting a hotel with a microwave and fridge and pack cereal, sandwiches and frozen dinners.

Or you can get a condo with a kitchen and cook full meals that are easy.

One thing I did was shop my pantry at home to see what I had that we could take with us on our trip. Then I made a meal plan of easy meals – pizza, hot dogs, spaghetti, tacos etc.

When we got to Destin I went to Publix and shopped their sales and was able to get all of our food for the week for under $100.

Find Inexpensive and FREE activities in the Destin area

My kids would play on the beach or in the pool all day and that’s usually enough for them. But sometimes it’s too much sun or it’s rainy or everyone needs to find other fun. Here are some FREE and cheap things you can do around Destin, Florida.

Bring The FUN With You

Don’t wait until you are at the beach to purchase beach gear (it’s more expensive in those beach shops).

Bring your sand  beach toys and such from home. If you’re going to purchase it at the beach, stop by Walmart on the way in where you can get it a little cheaper.

You may also want to think about bringing items to entertain the kids in the condo, especially if there is a rainy day or two. A few special toys and coloring books are great options. You can also bring the kids devices so they can play games. If you have a streaming device such as an Apple TV, I would bring it with you to give you a way to watch your favorite TV shows or have a family movie night.

Have a great time! Do you have any tips on how to vacation in Destin on a budget? Share them with us in the comments.

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