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Pure Barre New Orleans & Metairie Road

3923 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70115; 504-342-2208

We are the original barre. Forever true to our roots. We’re for those in pursuit of excellence and those seeking the purest sense of self. We are on a crusade to rise above who we were yesterday. If it didn’t make us feel this strong, we wouldn’t keep fighting for it.

Pure Barre is a collection of 45-50 minute total body workouts. At the core of our technique we use a thoughtful series of low impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce results. You’ll use the ballet Barre and other light equipment as you move through class, focusing on different areas of your body.

Your muscles will shake. You’ll get stronger with each class. And ultimately, you’ll rise above who you were yesterday.

Precise. Proud. Balanced. Passionate.

My first Pure Barre experience was great from start to finish. The barre tender and instructor were both very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. My instructor Juleigh went through the equipment we would be using and explained some basics to make sure I was oriented before the class started. She was very encouraging throughout the class as well. I was able to challenge myself and felt powerful and strong. Even after the class had finished, the instructor and barre tender checked in with me to make sure my experience was good and that I was satisfied. I can’t wait to start coming regularly.


pure barre NOLA

CrossFit NOLA

8422 Burthe St; 1309 Magazine St ; 3610 Toulouse St —  504-681-0610

CrossFit NOLA is the premier functional fitness gym in New Orleans. We offer classes in CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Endurance, Yoga Tune Up, Active Recovery, Gymnastics and Muscle and Flow. We work with all fitness levels including beginners! We help hundreds of members reach for, and achieve their health and fitness goals. CrossFit NOLA has 3 convenient locations in New Orleans (Midcity, Uptown, and Downtown). CrossFit NOLA is more than a gym, it a community of individuals who have made health and fitness a priority. We work hard, have fun, and our results speak for themselves.


Mindful Movements, LLC

3801 N. Causeway Blvd. Suite 303, Metairie, La 70002; 504-535-4707

Mindful Movements is designed to utilize mind-body techniques to help individuals take control of both their physical and mental struggles. Rebecca believes that treating the whole person allows individuals to take control and conquer life’s problems. The goal is to help every client live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Rebecca Moos is a Licensed Professional Counselor, as well as a Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor. Sessions are tailored to fit each clients’ needs to help treat ailments of the body and the mind. Rebecca is able to blend her knowledge and education about emotions, thoughts, body alignment, fitness, nutrition, and pain to help clients face any obstacle.

Rebecca specializes in treating clients who struggle with anxiety, emotional eating, low self-esteem/self-confidence, ADHD, and relationship issues. She blends many different techniques and counseling styles (Person Centered, Solution-Focused, CBT) to best fit the needs of every client.

She is also trained in rehabilitation pilates to help clients overcome injuries and/or prep/recover from surgery. She is certified to work with people suffering with neurological conditions (stroke, MS, Parkinson, MS) and those who are living in chronic pain (autoimmune disorder, fibromyalgia, socololis).

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