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Confession: I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. I’m event sure I have watched any of the movies all the way through. My husband and kids on the other hand are all about it.

Of course when Disney+ debuted they had to watch The Mandalorian. I decided to watch it with them and fell in love, as did the rest of the world, with Baby Yoda. I know may be only watching it for Baby Yoda and need all the Baby Yoda stuff. So I went to Etsy and went down a rabbit hold of cuteness and thought I should share with you.

Baby Yoda On Etsy

Baby Yoda for Babies and Kids

The baby in your life needs this Cutest Little Jedi I Am Bodysuit.

Baby Yoda costumes give me life, this one has a little light saber. Another Baby Yoda costume and y’all.

Every baby needs a Baby Yoda Lovie

Let everyone know Baby Yoda is on Board!

Buy the kids in your life this Baby Yoda plush.

One can never have too many Baby Yoda dolls, can they? Asking for a friend.

Baby Yoda as The Lion King – LOVE.

Baby Yoda For Adults

This All I want for Christmas is Baby Yoda tee is on my Christmas list.

The perfect shirt for all you pregnant mommas.

This I’m Only Here For Baby Yoda shirt is perfect for me because I’m really only here for Baby Yoda.

This Baby Yoda tank top is perfect for a trip to Galaxy’s Edge.

The teen in your life NEEDS this Baby Yoda is My Spirit Animal hoodie.

This Baby Yoda shirt is simple yet perfect.

My 18 yr old has this shirt with Baby Yoda and The Bounty Hunter on his Chirstmas list.

This Baby Yoda shirt is too too cute.

Baby Yoda Accessories

I’m going to need this Baby Yoda Magic Band Bow for my next Disney trip. How cute?

You can also get Baby Yoda Is My Spirit Animal on a tote bag!

Digital Baby Yoda Stickers for your digital planner. I think I may need these.

Your car needs this Baby Yoda decal.

Your computer or your daughts Hydroflask needs this Baby Yoda sticker or this the Force is Stong with This One sticker.

Your frige would love this Baby Yoda magnet.

The nurse, teacher or doctor in your life would love this Baby Yoda Badge Reel ID Holder.

Add this custom Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Pop Funko to your collection.

This Baby Yoda Key Chain may need to be added to my keychair collection.

Baby Yoda in Mickey Ears is the best thing I have seen all week.

Baby Yoda Mugs

Coffee, Naps and Baby Yoda – YES PLEASE!

This Baby Yoda coffee cup sleeve will be perfect this winter!

You can adore Baby Yoda all day long with this 11 oz coffee mug.

Drink all your iced coffee from this Baby Yoda Starbucks Cup.

Baby Yoda in Mickey Ears… I’m dead.

Baby Yoda Patterns

This Baby Yoda Cast Member Name Tag Applique for emrbroidery machines is EVERYTHING

Make your own Baby Yoda baby costume!

Make all the kids in your life a Baby Yoda plushie for Christmas.

You can also make them Baby Yoda ornaments.

Make all the Baby Yoda things with your Cricut. Here’s another graphic for more Baby Yoda things. And some more super cute Baby Yoda SVG graphics. And another one.

Now I need to get my Cricut because I can’t with the cuteness of these Baby Yoga SVG Files.

Another Baby Yoda Plushie for you to make.

This Baby Yoda digital graphic will look great on a t-shirt.

Baby Yoda Wall Art

This Baby Yoda Canvas Print is adorable. Perfect for any Baby Yoda nursery.

This Baby Yoda Water Color Print is perfection.

I’m also in love with the Baby Yoda print.

This print would also be perfect in any Baby Yoda themed nursery.

I would hang this print on my wall, it’s beautiful.

Baby Yoda Christmas

Hang Baby Yoda from your tree this year!

This Baby Yoda ornament is simple but oh so cute.

I think I NEED this Baby Yoda Ornament.

I found my ugly Christmas sweater / sweatshirt , it’s Baby Yoda of course.

Instead of a sweater you can get a Baby Yoda ugly Chirstmas shirt.

There is also a Baby Yoda ugly Christmas sweatshirt.

Add this Baby Yoda Christmas Print to your holiday decorations.

Your elf can get in on the Baby Yoda crazy with his very own elf sweater.

What is your favorite Baby Yoda find on Etsy? What’s the one thing you just have to get?

Baby Yoda Etsy
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