Welcome to Pint-Sized Cities.

Started in 2013 by Cara Jouglard as Jefferson Parish Parent, Pint-Sized Cities is a resource for parents and caregivers in and around New Orleans, Louisiana aka Pint-Sized NOLA and Pensacola, Florida aka Pint-Sized Pensacola.

On Pint-Sized Cities you will find lots of information on things to do in New Orleans and in Pensacola with kids, travel advice for traveling along the Gulf Coast and the states of Florida and Louisiana. Plus Disney Travel Planning tips and tricks to make the most of your magical vacations. In addition you’ll find parenting tips and tricks and maybe even a few crafts and recipes.

Pint-Sized Cities combines Cara’s love of the two places she calls home (New Orleans and Pensacola), her love of travel and her love of Disney all in one amazing site.

Some Popular and Favorite Posts On Pint-Sized Cities:

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Meet Cara

Cara was born in Florida but raised in New Orleans. After living in New Orleans for over 30 years, the beach called her back home. She now lives in Pensacola, FL in her almost beach house where she also runs Pint-Sized Cities.  She has 2 kids and 3 dogs. Cara loves all things Disney, the British Royal Family and photography. In fact her love of these things runs so deep that she’ll probably talk your ear off about Disney or the Royal Family if you give her a minute.

Cara owns and operates a photography business in Pensacola – Cara Noel Photography and is also a travel agent that specializes in Walt Disney World.

Cara has been a blogger and social media consultant with both local and national brands since 2007. She has worked with brands such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Udi’s Gluten Free, New Orleans City Park, Audubon Nature Institute, Academy of the Sacred Heart New Orleans, Arden Cahill Academy, and many more.

To learn more about how you can work with Cara and advertise your business/brand on Pint-Sized Cities you can email her at cara@pintsizedcities.com